Hygge at Home: A look at the recent craze


Whether reading the latest glossy home magazines or searching for design inspiration on the Internet, it’s nearly impossible to escape the word “hygge.” While the concept has been around for centuries, its application to home design has arisen only within the last year or so. Hygge Defined A Google search of hygge turns up more [...]

Gadget Happy: Get Cooking with New Kitchen Gadgets


When it comes to gadgets, we’re all about less-is-more. In our constant pursuit of a clutter-free kitchen, the latest must-have gadget must actually serve a purpose in order to make the cut. Our online explorations revealed items that seem like they just may make mealtime a little easier. 1. If scorched toast and English muffins are [...]

New Year’s Resolution: Ideas for Getting Organized


Lose weight, save money, quit smoking, get organized. Year after year, these are the top New Year’s resolutions in the U.S. While we can’t offer much guidance on the first three, our designers are bona fide experts in the latter! Because part of the whole New Year’s resolution idea is to get started as soon [...]

New Year, New Kitchen? Check out our kitchen design checklist.


If a new dream kitchen – whether remodeling your existing one or in a new home – is likely to become a reality in 2018, the time to start considering its design is right now. Begin jotting down notes while you’re cooking dinner for your family or, if possible, while you’re entertaining. Some things to [...]

Playing with Ultra Violet, Pantone’s Color of the Year


As the year-end roundups of best movies and books, biggest news and new words start to hit the internet, it’s always fun to see what Pantone decides is the color of the upcoming year. While the selected hue often doesn’t have much of a real-world impact, last year’s “Greenery” did pop on the runways and [...]

Space-Efficient Design: Stunning Style


Whether it’s an older home with a series of cramped rooms or a newly built home of modest proportions, there can be a tendency to think that it’s impossible to create ‘Pinterest-perfect’ style in a kitchen or bath. With many of the homes we ogle online typically on the larger side, a ‘There’s just no [...]

The Tricked-Out Island: Maximize function with add-ons


Earlier this year we talked about size and style options for kitchen islands, as well as some of the appliances that are typically incorporated in them. As islands continue to remain wildly popular in residential kitchens, designers are constantly creating ways to maximize their functionality. Many companies have also begun offering specialized products with kitchen [...]