Building a Better Laundry Room: 5 ways to make an arduous task less difficult


Location, Location, Location When you consider how much laundry is generated in and around bedrooms, it’s a mystery why laundry rooms have been typically located in the basement, which is as far away as possible from where the laundry actually accumulates. Thankfully, home designers and homeowners are now placing them near bedrooms. If your home [...]

Kitchen Cabinets 102: Finishes, Pulls & Add-Ons


Last week in our Kitchen Cabinets 101 blog post, we talked about the big picture. In this post, our focus is on the details. What stains, paints and glazes are available? How can you add character to cabinet handles and knobs, and functionality with such things as sliding shelves? Let’s take a closer look. Paints, [...]

Kitchen Cabinets 101: A breakdown of terminology and options


If you’re remodeling a kitchen or building a new home, cabinetry will likely be your single largest expenditure, so it’s important to research the many options before deciding what best fits your kitchen’s overall décor, your needs and your budget. Custom, Semi-Custom & Stock While the term custom is self-explanatory when it comes to kitchen [...]

Mini Kitchens with Major Functionality


If you live in a space-challenged condo, it’s quite likely that you have a microscopic kitchen that leaves much to be desired. But careful planning of the layout and the cabinetry, paired with “apartment size” appliances, will change everything. Hire a kitchen designer who is trained to utilize every available inch of floor space, and [...]

Turn All That Clutter into an Organized Workstation


As you walk through the door at the end of the workday, your arms are likely loaded with bags, mail, a cell phone, a laptop, keys and who knows what else. If you find yourself standing in the middle of the kitchen every evening with no idea where to put all this “stuff,” you probably [...]

Aging-in-Place in Style: The Kitchen


In an earlier post, we shared ideas on incorporating aging-in-place (AIP) elements into a bathroom renovation without sacrificing style. With a bathroom remodel, certain elements must be included to accommodate a person with mobility issues, most notably a curb-less shower and strategically-placed grab bars. With kitchen design, many of the AIP-friendly design choices available today [...]