April Showers: The Best of the Best

Spring is here, and it may be time for you to redesign your entire shower space. Hopefully, these April showers won’t just bring you May flowers, but also a relaxing space to unwind and wash your worries away.

Our designers organized this bathroom so a shower and bath can both be taken at the same time. The shower’s glass door and half-wall makes the showering experience more open and freeing. The glass doors and the half-height partition will let extra light filter in, creating an airy space that doesn’t feel confined.

Can’t decide between showering and taking a bath? We did the work for you, so now you can do both! 

Our designers made this pentagonal shower its own oasis by enclosing it in three glass walls. By installing built-in shelves and a corner seat, you can stay in this shower forever (or until the hot water runs out).

When creating this shower space in Plymouth, MA, our designers gave it a natural, outdoor feeling by adding stones on the floor and alternating forms of tile. You can still feel like you’re one with nature while staying indoors.