Gold Toned Faucets: Jewelry for the Bathroom


Accessorizing with gold has always been fashionable, especially with jewelry. Today, however, it is adorning more than just necklines by quickly gaining popularity in home décor. Gold-toned finishes for bathroom faucets in particular is a growing trend. For sink designs with more contemporary shapes, gold tones are supplanting the demand for brass finishes. We spoke [...]

Kitchen and Bathroom Trend: Neutral Colors


With the unofficial start to summer approaching this weekend, we are quick to think about popular summer design colors like white and baby blue. While these  are certainly timeless and fitting for the season, more neutral colors like tan, gray and various shades of brown are just as classic and versatile. These are colors you [...]

Kohler’s New Sinks: Veil and Iron Plains


As design trends evolve, the change in bathroom sinks is noticeable.  More than just a utilitarian washing station, bathroom sinks are trending  more toward chic pampering destinations. The right sink can tie up the whole aesthetic of your bathroom, making daily visits here pleasant experiences. KOHLER continues to create bathrooms that redefine the meaning of [...]

Techie Toilets: The Best Ways to Integrate Smart Technology into your Bathroom


Technology has rapidly become part of our everyday life, and with driverless cards on the horizon we can only expect to see more coming in the near future. We are finding more and more ways to integrate smart technology into the home, paving the way for a more efficient and comfortable day-to-day living experience. KOHLER Konnect [...]

Quartz Craze: An Introduction to this countertop trend


Once a product unique to Europe, in recent years quartz, an engineered stone, has become one of the most popular countertop materials worldwide. What makes this man-made material so popular, and why should a homeowner consider choosing quartz over a natural stone like granite, marble or limestone? For one, quartz is nonporous, so you’ll never [...]

A Look into our new Kohler Signature Store


On April 19th, we opened our newest Kohler Signature Store in the Seaport District of Boston. Click here to read the detailed Open House blog post by 7Tide. Kohler president and chief operating officer David Kohler with Supply New England owner James Reardon This new store is nothing short of magical. We have [...]

Tiles With Texture: Reimagining the Ordinary


Tiles are a necessary element of any kitchen or bathroom remodel. They don’t have to be straight, left-to-right boring white! Here are some subtle ways to make your tiling unique to your own style. The use of layering the same white, high-gloss subway tiles from our project in Attleboro adds a subtle but interesting focal [...]

Spring Has (Not Quite Yet) Sprung: Home Accents to Get You Excited for Warmer Weather


March 20th marks the first day of spring, and we couldn’t be happier to start opening the windows and giving our house the much-needed spring cleaning. There might still be snow on the ground, but spring will be here before we know it. Get a jump-start on giving your space a spring touch-up with these [...]