Color Trends for 2019


Patone's 2019 Color of the Year Happy New Year! Every year Pantone announces its pick for the color of the year and this year they have named "Living Coral" the new it color of 2019. Living Coral is a bright coral with a golden undertone. We can easily picture this hue in seaside homes, paired with neutrals for [...]

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Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Sink


Stainless Steel Undermount Sink The kitchen sink - an unrecognized work horse in the kitchen. The number of tasks that use the kitchen sink is equal to the number of options for sinks in the marketplace. Some common options to consider are material, color, size, bowl configuration and installation method. Let’s look at the different [...]

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Hygge at Home: A look at the recent craze


Whether reading the latest glossy home magazines or searching for design inspiration on the Internet, it’s nearly impossible to escape the word “hygge.” While the concept has been around for centuries, its application to home design has arisen only within the last year or so. Hygge Defined A Google search of hygge turns up more [...]

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New Year’s Resolution: Ideas for Getting Organized


Lose weight, save money, quit smoking, get organized. Year after year, these are the top New Year’s resolutions in the U.S. While we can’t offer much guidance on the first three, our designers are bona fide experts in the latter! Because part of the whole New Year’s resolution idea is to get started as soon [...]

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Skinny Showers with Style: The cave-like cubbies of yesteryear are long gone


For those of a certain age, a stall shower conjures up images of prefab metal boxes that made showering feel like you were spending time in a high school locker. They were strictly utilitarian and nearly as dark. Maybe they conserved water, because we certainly didn’t want to linger in them any longer than necessary. [...]

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What’s Your Tile Style?


We recently shared a quick post on Facebook with photos of fun tile options. Because tile is such a great way to add texture and visual interest to a kitchen or bathroom, and there are so many beautiful options available, we thought we’d dig a little deeper. Whether you’re looking for a wide range of [...]

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Kitchen & Bath Design: Taking the timeless approach


Jumping on board with the latest design trends in wall color or accessories is a fun way to make a room’s décor feel modern. But because many of the elements in a kitchen or bathroom are designed to last decades, it’s a smart decision to go with a timeless look. While rethinking a trendy matte [...]

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Kitchen Cabinets 102: Finishes, Pulls & Add-Ons


Last week in our Kitchen Cabinets 101 blog post, we talked about the big picture. In this post, our focus is on the details. What stains, paints and glazes are available? How can you add character to cabinet handles and knobs, and functionality with such things as sliding shelves? Let’s take a closer look. Paints, [...]

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Turn All That Clutter into an Organized Workstation


As you walk through the door at the end of the workday, your arms are likely loaded with bags, mail, a cell phone, a laptop, keys and who knows what else. If you find yourself standing in the middle of the kitchen every evening with no idea where to put all this “stuff,” you probably [...]

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