Gold Toned Faucets: Jewelry for the Bathroom

Accessorizing with gold has always been fashionable, especially with jewelry. Today, however, it is adorning more than just necklines by quickly gaining popularity in home décor. Gold-toned finishes for bathroom faucets in particular is a growing trend. For sink designs with more contemporary shapes, gold tones are supplanting the demand for brass finishes.

We spoke to Robin, one of our incredible designers in our West Yarmouth showroom, who gave us the ultimate guide to gold tones.

“These golds are a little different than some of the old polished brass finishes from thirty years ago,” Robin tells us. “They are a warmer and richer gold tone versus the shallow yellow of the past. There is a real jewelry-like quality to them now.”

Polished gold faucet from KOHLER


Polished golds are great in rooms that want to reminisce about the past a little. Shining and regal, the faucets are used as focal points for the room–– the same way statement jewelry might be. The goal is not to have a lavish, over-the-top room. But a polished gold serves as an accent to draw the eye to the detail of the faucetry and overall sink itself. It brings us back to the idea of the bathroom as an experience, not just a place of utility.

Matte gold faucet from KOHLER

“Matte finishes are ideal if you want to give your bathroom a modern twist,” says Robin. “We’re used to seeing polished brass faucets in traditional shapes, but a more contemporary line in a matte finish turns that expectation on end. It adds warmth and focus. The whites and grays that are so popular paired with typical chrome have a crispness to them that is relaxed when that chrome is exchanged for gold. It’s a little moodier and more eclectic.”

Design now is all about mixing and matching – we can add in a vintage art deco light or carved gold leaf mirror as a twist in an otherwise new space. Gold bridges the gap between old and new, and connects us to those periods while staying fresh.