Kitchen & Bath Design: Taking the timeless approach

Jumping on board with the latest design trends in wall color or accessories is a fun way to make a room’s décor feel modern. But because many of the elements in a kitchen or bathroom are designed to last decades, it’s a smart decision to go with a timeless look. While rethinking a trendy matte black accent wall is easy as a quick coat of fresh paint, realizing that those lime green kitchen cabinets you loved on HGTV might have been a misstep can be a costly mistake. With smart design choices, timeless need never be boring!

When it comes to kitchens, white-on-white is still the top choice among homeowners. It is the embodiment of a timeless color palette. In this kitchen, our designer paired white cabinetry with warm wood flooring and a tile backsplash in a neutral sandy color. The open shelving and glass-fronted top cabinets are the perfect place to display a collection of cobalt glass, and it provides such a great pop of color that can easily be swapped out when the mood strikes.

While gray is hot, hot, hot, right now it is also a color with deep historic roots that makes it both classic and current. In this bathroom, our designer opted for a soft shade that pairs perfectly with the creamy-colored walls and marble floor tiles.

Other items to consider when seeking a timeless look in your kitchen or bath are light fixtures, faucets and hood fans. Faucets with silver-tone finishes such as chrome and stainless steel, either polished or brushed, will never look dated.

Both of these faucets have a classic traditional style making them a great choice in virtually any kitchen.

When it comes to choosing a ventilation system for your range, you can choose to have it fully camouflaged within cabinetry, like in the photo on the left, or you can consider having it enclosed with cabinetry with curved, sculptural look, such as in the photo on the right. With a white wood surround and trim work that complements the cabinets, this hood fan will never look outdated, yet still makes a statement.

As with faucets, silver-tone finishes are the go-to selection in lighting fixtures. Whether brushed or polished, it will always be in style. White shades or globes, like the ones below, are the ideal finishing touch!