Masterful Master Baths

While an en suite master bath has become commonplace in new homes, it’s still a relatively recent trend. But if your older home doesn’t include a private master bathroom, creating one may be more doable than you think.

Finding the Space

Take the time to carefully review how you use your home. Can you sacrifice a walk-in closet by storing out-of-season clothing elsewhere? Is there a little-used foyer or hallway adjacent to your bedroom where you can “steal” some space? If your master bedroom is on the first floor, is there an adjacent room – such as a home office – that can be relocated to a second-story guest room? Has your “nest” recently emptied, allowing you to sacrifice the bedroom of a grown child?

Get creative!

If you have a first-floor bedroom, a small addition is also a great option if budget and zoning rules allow it. By adding a new room, you’ll have more flexibility to create exactly what you want.

The Must-Haves

When space is at an absolute premium, even adding a private half-bath to your master bedroom can be a game-changer. With just a bit more square footage, a stand-up shower can be included. Years ago, stand-up “stall” showers were typically prefab boxes that were dark and utilitarian. Clearly, things have changed for the better!

beautiful stand up showers

With exquisite tiling, glass enclosures and customized fixtures, these stand-up showers from our recent projects offer space-efficient luxury.

Because some storage is a requirement, a vanity – even a miniscule one – can be a better choice than a pedestal sink. While a pedestal sink has a smaller footprint, it offers no room for toiletries and paper products.

small bathroom vanities

With a t-shape design, the vanity on the left offers dual sinks and storage, yet has a light visual footprint. By widening the portion around only the sink, the vanity on the right is quite narrow overall, but features loads of storage. Running the upper cabinet up to the ceiling takes advantage of every inch of vertical space. Both are from our recent projects.

The Extras

As your space and budget allow, consider adding elements to your new master bath that will enhance the sense of spa-like luxury, such as.  .  .

.  .  .  an oversized walk-in shower or a vanity with slide-out shelving or.  .  .

.  .  . a freestanding tub or even.  .  .

.  .  .  an inset jetted tub.

With a little innovative planning, your dream of having a private master bathroom can easily become a reality!