Space-Efficient Design: Stunning Style


Whether it’s an older home with a series of cramped rooms or a newly built home of modest proportions, there can be a tendency to think that it’s impossible to create ‘Pinterest-perfect’ style in a kitchen or bath. With many of the homes we ogle online typically on the larger side, a ‘There’s just no [...]

The Tricked-Out Island: Maximize function with add-ons


Earlier this year we talked about size and style options for kitchen islands, as well as some of the appliances that are typically incorporated in them. As islands continue to remain wildly popular in residential kitchens, designers are constantly creating ways to maximize their functionality. Many companies have also begun offering specialized products with kitchen [...]

Cabinetry: It’s not just for kitchens and baths


Usually, when a homeowner steps into a Supply New England Kitchen & Bath Gallery they need products and design assistance for their kitchen and bathrooms. That’s no surprise; the words “kitchen” and “bath” are in our name! What is surprising is how frequently we work on other portions of the home, often as a result [...]

Embracing Design Trends in the Kitchen & Bath


When it comes to wardrobe staples such as the perfect black pump or a to-die-for handbag, we tend to be willing to invest a bit of money. But when it’s time to dive into the latest trend, something that will look “so last year” come the next season, many of us will go the less-pricy [...]

Beach Style 101: How to give your kitchen or bath a coastal look


With miles of coastline in southern New England, it’s no surprise that “beach style” is a popular choice for home décor in our region. Even if your home isn’t located on the shoreline or in a seaside neighborhood, inserting a touch of coastal flair into your kitchen and bath is a great way to create [...]

The Right Stuff: Five kitchen tools you’ll turn to again and again


Kitchen gadgets tend to come and go. Remember when every kitchen counter had a prominently displayed bread machine? How about the all-important pasta maker or juicer? These “one-task wonders” that were all the rage often wind up on eBay selling at a fraction of their original cost. While it can be fun to try the [...]

Kitchen & Bath Design: Fall Fashion Report


After ogling the pages of Vogue’s September issue, you may find yourself wondering about ways to introduce a seasonal touch to your kitchen and bathroom. We know we were! So we scoured the internet looking for pieces that would work in adding a sense of texture and warmth to these rooms throughout the chilly weather [...]