Quartz Craze: An Introduction to this countertop trend

Once a product unique to Europe, in recent years quartz, an engineered stone, has become one of the most popular countertop materials worldwide. What makes this man-made material so popular, and why should a homeowner consider choosing quartz over a natural stone like granite, marble or limestone?

For one, quartz is nonporous, so you’ll never have to worry about sealing it to prevent moisture from seeping in. Quartz is also extremely strong, which means it can handle most scratches and scuffs. As long as you keep your counter clean, quartz will take care of itself. The same can’t be said for granite, which typically  needs to be sealed once a year. And marble is very high-maintenance unless you are comfortable with a patina that comes with age and use.

Photo from our Attleboro, MA project.

Quartz is also reasonably priced! Its cost is similar to  granite.

Additionally, quartz has a very clean aesthetic. If you were thinking of choosing a natural stone based on looks, think again about  quartz. Its solid coloring and subtle veining will give your kitchen or bath a natural yet sophisticated look.

It is also is much easier to cut and install than natural stone, making it easier for designers who are trying to meet the needs of your unique kitchen or bathroom space.

Quartz countertops gave the bathroom a very seamless look in this project from Wayland, MA.

We asked one of our Yarmouth designers, Robin Decoteau, to weigh in with her professional opinion.

“There’s been a definite shift in trend from a static, speckled design to one with more flow and movement,” Robin confided to us. “If you’re looking for a material that is classically simple but also contemporary and sophisticated, quartz is definitely the right choice.”

Some of our manufacturers, like Silestone, Cambria, and Ceasarstone, offer extensive quartz collections. From light to dark hues and subtle to deep veining, there are plenty of options for  creating your perfect quartz countertop. 

For our project in Providence, RI, our designers used quartz countertops paired with Mouser Custom Cabinetry in Red Oak with the Pier finish, to give it a driftwood feel.