Techie Toilets: The Best Ways to Integrate Smart Technology into your Bathroom

Technology has rapidly become part of our everyday life, and with driverless cards on the horizon we can only expect to see more coming in the near future. We are finding more and more ways to integrate smart technology into the home, paving the way for a more efficient and comfortable day-to-day living experience. KOHLER Konnect is one of the many smart systems that will offer you smart technology features so genius you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.  Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come that will revolutionize your bathroom experience:


  • Control everything from your phone. With  the app, you can set your preferences–and your family’s–all in the same place. Are you picky about the temperature and water pressure of your shower? Does your teenage daughter demand a certain lighting level to best apply her makeup? With KOHLER Konnect, these choices and many others are just on tap away.
  • Built-In Amazon Alexa. With Alexa built into KOHLER Konnect, she’s there to help at every turn.

With the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror, Alexa adjusts mirror brightness, turns on the shower, and even activates your shower playlist, all hands-free.

The DTV+ showering system allows you to create presets for sound, water, steam and lighting, delivering the ultimate personalized experience.

PerfectFill technology will draw a bath to your preferred preset temperature with a simple voice command. What could be more sublime?

Hands free and germ-free.  Touchless Response motion sensored flushing technology keeps germs at bay. The warming technology of the PureWarmth seat coupled with a soft and guiding nightlight will make the bathroom experience more enjoyable for you and your houseguests.

KOHLER Konnect goes beyond the bathroom! Expect to see a Sensate Faucet that will pour any amount of water that you ask it to. Trying to coordinate a huge pasta dinner? Say “Pour eight ounces” or “Fill the pot three-quarters of the way full” and Alexa will deliver the perfectly measured amount.