The Elements of a Perfect Shower

While soaking in a bath is definitely luxurious, there’s something equally relaxing and even a bit exotic about feeling like you’re washing in the rain. That’s how you should feel every time you take a shower! Here are some of our suggestions for creating the most utopian shower experience ever.

Corner showers can be a great way to make the most out of your small bathroom space. The glass walls also create a sense of openness, shown here in our project from North Kingstown, RI. 

Partial walls around the shower are the best of both worlds. The half-wall gives your shower space a sense of enclosure and comfort, while the glass panels ensure the continuing sense of lightness and weightlessness. Our project in Wayland, MA, highlights this feature.

Make your shower eye-catching with the use of patterned tiling. Clear glass, opaque glass, marble, ceramic, porcelain—the options are endless. By using different tiling for the walls and floor, you’re giving your shower depth and texture. Our designers in Plymouth, MA did just that. The glass tiling contrasts nicely with the rocks on the bottom of the shower floor, which make you feel like you’re showering in the great outdoors!  

The most important part of any shower is its shower head. KOHLER offers a wide array of shower heads, available in any one of our KOHLER Signature Stores! From wall-mounted to handheld, hard spray to a gentle rain-like sensation, they take every need into consideration. If you and a loved one want a separate shower head for each of you, then consider the size of your space and if  extra square footage will be necessary. Stop by our new KOHLER Signature Store in the Seaport District to try them out yourself in our new Experience Rooms! You’re bound to find one that will make you want to stay in the shower forever.

Awaken shower head from KOHLER

Moxie rainhead from KOHLER














On top of all our indoor shower options, we also offer outdoor shower installations! Perfect for this warmer weather, we can help you create your own little oasis under the big blue sky.

Have more questions about specific brands or styles? Visit us at any one of our locations and we will be happy to help!